Easy gardening

Moreandmore, people are scrambling to learn how to grow vegetables. Asfoodpricessoarinresponsetoclimatechangeandrisingoilprices, itiscertainlymakingincreasingfinancialsensetogrowyourownfood, build your own energy systems and support and celebrate your community.

The EASY Wayto Grow Your Own Food!

Using one simple Permaculture-inspired system, you can grow your own vegetables, fruit and even eggs organically.

The system was developed by Linda Woodrow and is presented in her book The Permaculture Home Garden.

Linda is an experienced commercial organic grower who used Permaculture principles to come up with a fantastic low-work, high productivity system.

Advantages of this ‘Grow Your Own Food’ System

• How to Grow Vegetables the Low-Work Way!

The main work required to maintain this garden is the raising of seedlings, and the regular sourcing of organic matter such as mulch and food scraps. There is very little (if any) weeding to be done.

• High Water Efficiency

Heavy mulching ensures that minimal water is needed to maintain a productive garden.

• How to Grow Vegetables with Minimal Weeding!

Through clever use of a combination of chickens, mulching and composting the weed population is dramatically reduced down to just enough to be useful as pest decoys, chook food and vegetable companions.

If you can’t keep chickens where you live, Linda also offers an alternative system and garden layout that uses earthworms and wild birds instead to do much of the work for you.